About The Local Area

Antas is a part of Almeria province in Andalucia, which is known for its Moorish culture and influence of good weather. A vacation planned in Antas can provide a complete experience of relaxation as well as adventure. The southern part of Spain is perhaps the only part of Europe where you can experience the warmest climate akin to a desert, enjoy the beaches, play golf and also plan activities like scuba diving or skiing – all in one go!

Antas itself is tucked between the grand Filabres mountain ranges and the Mediterranean sea. The fertile soil of Antas produces high quality produce, which is available locally at unbelievable prices. Nearby, Cuevas Del Almanzora, is famous for its cave dwellings and fabulous castle. Baza has hot water springs that can cure people suffering from joint aches or skin ailments. It also offers stunning views of the biggest water reservoir in Spain.

Vera near Peace & Plenty Villa, spain


Vera is a busy commercial town located at a distance of 3 kilometers from Antas. Vera comprises of two areas. Vera Pueblo is a commercial area with facilities like Banks, Supermarkets, Shops and also a Bull Ring. Vera Playa is located on the sea shore and has a stunning beach which is almost 10 kilometers long. Vera Playa pampers its visitors with the typical Andalucían “pescaito frito” (fried fish) and Spanish beer called “cañas”. Vera playa is a great place to enjoy water sports, kite surfing, windsurfing, sailing, etc. Children will enjoy activities like snorkeling and surfing in Parque Aquatico Water Park in Vera.

Mojacar Playa, spain


Mojacar Playa

Mojacar is a romantic town situated on the hills of Seirra Cabrera and is a dense population of typically whitewashed houses with cool courtyards. The cobbled ‘kasbah’ streets of Mojacar offer a stunning view of the emerald blue Mediterranean and its long sandy beaches. This town has a strong influence of Moorish culture and has been a favourite destination for many artists and writers. Mojacar offers almost 17 kilometers of unspoiled beaches and a unique experience of relaxing on secluded beaches and soaking up the sun. The Mojacar playa is a white sandy beach stretching nine kilometers. You can relax in traditional beach bars dotted along the beach and enjoy bowling, fishing, paragliding, horse riding, water sports & diving.


Garrucha, Spain



This a traditional Spanish fishing town dotted with fantastic seafood restaurants and sandy white beaches with nice palm tree lined promenade. Don’t miss the local Garrucha Red Prawns, indigenous to this area. If you are a fish lover, then this is definitely the place for you!


Desert Springs Golf Club, Spain


Desert Springs Golf Club

This is an ‘Arizona style’ 18 hole golf course at a driving distance of 10 minutes from Antas and located on a plateau overlooking the Almanzora valley. The desert springs is a world class golfing facility built to USGA specifications and worth visiting to experience a great challenging round of golf. Keep a look out for our favourite English cricketer & decathlete on the fairways!


Valle del Este Golf Resort, spain


Valle del Este Golf Resort

A superb combination of innovative design and fabulous water features. This carefully maintained 18 hole golf course is a real challenge, with tight fairways and tricky greens. There is a club house facility integrated with the stunning hotel, a great sundeck and pool for those not playing to chill, swim and enjoy lunch. This is only a 5 minute drive from Antas.







Other Attractions Nearby

Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park: The unique feature about Cabo de Gata is that it is the only place in Europe with a warm desert like climate. The volcanic eponymous mountain ranges meet or rather “drop” into the Mediterranean sea and form steep and high cliffs with hidden gullies water, hidden coves and white sandy beaches. Offshore is full of tiny rocky islands and the underwater is full of corel reef teeming with colorful marine life.
Skiing: Sierra Nevadas is part of south eastern province of Granada and home to an exotic ski resort by the same name. This is the highest ski station in Spain and a favorite venue that holds two of the world’s greatest skiing championships. At 2100 feet above mean sea level, Pradollano is a known ‘Ski Village resort’. You can get everything related to Skiing – there are small shops selling and renting skiing equipment, schools, restaurants, café’s, bars and nightclubs etc. The skiing seasons normally starts November and lasts until early May.
Albox: Is a home to the largest observatory in Europe. Albox offers a number of attractions to pursue on a horse back or a cycle. The ceramics of Albox made by two of the most famous ceramicist families is alive even today. They bake the mud in traditional Arabic furnaces to produce some of the finest and most decorative ceramics. A flourishing weekly market that is located in the dry river bed sells everything from clothes to fresh food produce.